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My BlogThe easy way for entities or negative Spirits to get hold of you is when your energy is low and your psychic boundaries have been weakened. They may for example attach when you are very drunk or high on drugs, after an operation, or when you have been ill with either a physical or mental illness.

We are not talking about Angels or Spirit guides the accompanying, supportive and good energies; not bound to our dimension or earth plane.

The troublemakers of Earth bound spirits are very different they are ill-natured, malicious, spiteful or simple evil.

If you do nothing, nothing will change, if you do something, something will change

Most people are not aware that negative energies exist and can influence us on all levels of our existence.

I realize how difficult it may be for many to acknowledge the interference in our life of something we can not understand and most of the times not see. We live in changing times. As the energies in our dimension raise in vibration there is an increasing battle between Light and Dark.

Places they really like to hang out are Prisons, Hospitals or bars and nightclubs.

Negative energies left over and taking form as Demons, Poltergeist, Negative Entities, Negative Spirits, Lost Spirits… negative attachments.

In order for these energies (Spirits, Souls) to survive them most often attach to a human host.

There are many reasons why they missed the move to the other side and they may have been stuck here or with you for a long time. There are plentiful of different kinds of entities or negative spirits. The ones just simply lost and missed the move on, like from an accident, or just not ready.

The ones left over here from child molesters, women abusers, drunks, murderers and the list goes on.  


Smudging, ringing Bells, Sound, Reiki are great ways to get rid of stagnant and unpleasant energies and energize with positive and good energies.

For sure it is not the way to go after Demons, Entities or negative Spirits.

You can do more harm then good.

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