Entity and Spirit Removal


No matter what good of energy you are in, if you are not protective of Energy vampirism, you will feel down, exhausted, negative - even depressed after being around certain people or energies.

energy vampires clearing and removal

Energy Vampires

Be aware of people draining your energy. Most often than not they are possessed themselves.


Most of these energy vampires are normal looking people at first glance. They are mostly very unhappy, very negative and criticizing everything people. They do there damage by telepathic draining your energy resources. Keeping this person out of ones life is the first step of protection,   In more rare and serious cases an energy vampire entity takes possession of your body. If this happens a total clearing and dispossession of the individual is absolutely needed.


Homes that are possessed can also have open doorways or portals on the land or house itself.

An energetic gateway to the dark side. It can happen that as soon a clearer or exorcist checks the home they slip thru the portal to the other side and hide. Just to come back later again.

These portals have to be neutralized, closed and sealed. Other wise after some time it starts all over again. This is serious business.


Sypmtoms of being affected by Energy Vampirism or negative energetic gateways are:

always tired - especially when in that environment

easily agitated (for no reason)

sad or depressed  (for no reason)

lost "mojo"

children cry immediately  (for no reason)

dogs don't want to be there or are not friendly

starting to argue with people around you

headaches or other pains and aches

feeling of low level anxiety ( (for no reason)




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this is how your home or your body feel like after being "sucked dry"